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How does this work?

    The system tracks each time the image button is displayed on your page, then orders the list of sites based on the number of hits over the last seven days. Each visit to each page displaying the button is recorded, so the more pages that the button appears on, the more hits you will get.
    However, if a visitor revisits the same page within an hour, this visit will not be counted.
    In addition to this the number of times people have clicked on the button on your site is shown.
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How do I add the button to my site?

    Once you have registered, you will be given a piece of HTML code to add to your site. Use whatever means you normally use to edit your site, and copy the code into place.
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Is it really free?

    Yes, and it will stay free. This site is supported by advertising banners. You know what to do with those, don't you?
    Because it's free, I make absolutely no guarentees of any kind about this.
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Why do some sites have a gold star?

    A gold star () is awarded to sites that have either made an invaluable contribution to the hosting and running of the the UKWRS site, or have bought me something nice from my Amazon Wish List.
    The star is the my way of thanking these lovely people. Acts of generosity in no way affect any ranking status.
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Privacy Policy

  • IP addresses are used to track hits.
  • A cookie is used to keep track of your login status.
  • Your email address is used to keep you informed of substatial changes to the system, and to help you recover your password if you forget it
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  • The UK Waterways Ranking Site (UKWRS) is free to use, and supported by the advertisment banners which you see on the site.
  • Sites must be about UK waterways. Canals, rivers and lakes, they all count. If your website has pages about foreign waterways or non-waterway topics the UKWRS logo and code must not appear on those pages.
  • The UKWRS logo and code must only be used on pages which have significant content about UK waterways. Where, for example, index pages merely show extracts or summaries of content from elsewhere the UKWRS logo and code should not appear on these pages. The UKWRS logo and code may be used on the home page, even when it is an index page, but not if it is an "enter my website" type of page with no significant content. This is likely to mean that forum sites should only use the UKWRS logo and code on the home page and on content pages, and not on the index pages.
  • Any page containing the logo and code must show the same URL each time it is displayed, not counting any tokens required for script processing.
  • The UKWRS logo and code must appear only once on each page. If you are using Blogger, WordPress or similar the UKWRS logo and code must be placed in the template and not the posts.
  • The UKWRS logo and code must appear directly on the page when published and must not use an IFRAME or similar method to call the code from elsewhere. Server side scripting is permitted as long as the UKWRS logo and code is included directly on the page served, but client side scripting is not.
  • The UKWRS logo and code must only appear on pages which are accessible to all users without requiring any form of login or registration to read them. Login is permitted for write access so, for example, you may display the UKWRS logo and code on a forum page which requires login to post comments as long as the page can be read by everyone without login or registration. If your website has pages which are only accessible after login or registration the UKWRS logo and code must not appear on those pages
  • The UKWRS logo and code must only appear on web pages which are expected to be available to all readers for at least seven days, although the page content may be updated during that time
  • You should not selectively add or remove the UKWRS logo and code to your pages from time to time to affect your score.
  • The UKWRS logo and code must not appear on any page which automatically redirects to another page
  • The UKWRS logo must be clearly visible on the displayed page and must not be hidden by using poor contrast colours or hiding it behind other objects

Good Practice

  • Place the logo where it is clearly visible and where visitors might click on it. UKWRS is supported by visitors clicking on advertising banners. If you place the logo at the very bottom of your web page where visitors rarely see it that is less likely to happen.
  • Remember UKWRS is a free site provided for a little fun so please follow the rules and donít waste my time dealing with your abuse.
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  • Misuse includes, but is not limited to, any of the following:
    • Failing to follow any of the the rules.
    • Failing to respond promptly to my emails to your registered address when I identify possible misuse and ask you to investigate and correct as necessary.
    • Repeatedly visiting your own pages, or any other action which artificially boosts your count.

  • Misuse may result in any or all of the following:
    • Your IP address being blocked from recording any future hits.
    • Your hit count being reset to zero.
    • Your account being suspended.
    • Any other action I believe is appropariate.

  • If you think someone is misusing the system, contact me.
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Other Questions

    Why do my hits occassionally drop?
    Most likely you'll see a drop in hits because you've looked at the page, for example, twice in ten minutes.
    Maybe at first you had 966 hits, and now it says 955. You'll get results like that if, for example again, eleven more people looked at your site a week and ten minutes ago than in the last ten minutes. Everything older than seven days and one second is ancient history, and that means seven days and one second from now, not midnight.
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